3D-Rundgang – Berliner Regierungsviertel & Reichskanzlei

3D live tour “The Berlin government district on one day in summer of 1939” (Wilhelmplatz/Wilhelmstrasse/Vossstrasse)

The tour begins at the Kaiserhof subway entrance on Wilhelmplatz. Travel back in time and experience Berlin's Wilhelmplatz, Vossstrasse and Wilhelmstrasse on a summer's day in 1939. See Berlin's government district as it looked a few months before the outbreak of the war.

The main buildings in this 3D model:



Kaiserhof underground station
parade ground
Reich Ministry of Finance
Hotel Kaiserhof
Knighthood Directorate
Former US Embassy
Ministry of Propaganda


Old Reich Chancellery (incl. walk-in courtyard)
New Reich Chancellery (integrated former New Reich Chancellery from 1930)
New Reich Chancellery (integrated Borsig - Palais)
Reich Ministry of Transport
Ministry of Foreign Affair


New Reich Chancellery (Presidential Chancellery)
New Reich Chancellery (Führer building)
New Reich Chancellery (Reich Chancellery)
Former Imperial Navy Office
Palais Mosse
Office building of the Berlin tram company
Wertheim department store (construction phases two and three)
Reich Ministry of Transport

Please book your tour in the calendar. You can choose between the “Standard” or “Live – Commentary” versions. You also have the option of choosing the tour either optimized for use on a desktop PC (with mouse and keyboard) or for use with a touchscreen (mobile phone or tablet).

When you book the "Live Commentary" option, Christoph Neubauer will comment on your 3D tour live on the phone. He will explain what you see while you make your own 3D tour. You can keep asking questions and get interesting background information from the author of the 3D model. If you wish, Christoph Neubauer can also take over the control of the tour for a short time and thus lead you to special places that you might not have discovered on your own. With the live tour, you get your own private city tour, commented on and guided by the creator of the virtual model.
Der Live-Kommentar erfolgt entweder über das Telefon oder auf Wunsch auch per WhatsApp-Anruf.  Christoph Neubauer bietet die Live-Kommentare in Deutsch und Englisch an.

Before the start of your tour, you will receive a link via email. You can then use this link to join the tour at the booked time.

The following browsers can currently be used to participate in a 3D tour:

– Google Chrome (desktop and mobile)
– Microsoft Edge (desktop)
– Mozilla Firefox (desktop and mobile)
– Apple Safari (desktop and mobile)

Für die 3D-Rundgänge gelten unsere AGB’s.