Die The buildings of the historic Berlin government district and the Reich Chancellery in particular are often subject to exhibitions regarding events taking place on the historically so important site. Often those exhibitions makers are looking for images of buildings or rooms which are up to the high quality standards of modern exhibitions, not only regarding colour quality or resolution of the imagery but also the topic shown on them. This is specifically the case if it comes to the New Reich Chancellery created by Albert Speer because all the images of good technical quality are images taken for the purpose of Nazi- Propaganda. Because those images are taken by the Nazis with a specific message of propaganda in mind they show only specific parts of the building which used to present the building in a way which obscures the view onto the truth. By using those images repeatedly until today, there is a risk of continually transfiguring the New Reich Chancellery in a manner, that the building might still be seeing today how the Nazi- propaganda wished to present the building in public. For that reason, Christoph Neubauer offers exhibition makers to create their own virtual cameras using the 3D-modell and therefore creating images showing the building in a more realistic manner. Therefore clearing the way for perspectives matching the results of the actual historic findings. At the same time this method of creating new images of a historic site enables each exhibition to be individual.