The 3D live tours let you witness the past. This is because you can travel back in time in a live tour and let history come back to life. Walk through the historic places and see them as they used to be. You are free to decide what you want to see and which route you take at any time. Experience the historic places like no one has ever experienced them before. What you see is not predetermined. Each tour is unique and cannot be reproduced. Because what you see on your tour is happening at this moment and is only visible to you. Even if you decide to revisit the same 3D model, when you revisit you will take a different route through the streets and rooms and see different details or views. Experience a journey through time that is unique in the truest sense of the word.

By default, the 3D live tours have no explanatory comment. However, it is also possible to book tours in which Christoph Neubauer comments on what you are seeing. During these tours, the creator of the 3D model will guide you through the model on the phone. You "walk" through the model independently, but you can always talk to Christoph Neubauer about what you see. You can ask questions and get background information about the historical events and the buildings to be seen. Christoph Neubauer offers the live commentary in German and English.

Technical background to the 3D live tours

Christoph Neubauer digitally recreated every known detail of the historic buildings for the walk-in 3D models. But the complexity of the 3D model requires a very powerful computer in order to be able to calculate the graphics fluently, photo-realistically and with the best image quality.
However, thanks to pixel streaming technology, it is now possible to display the best photo-realistic 3D graphics in real time even on simple desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones. The movement input that the user enters on his device is transmitted to a 3D computer in Neubauer’s studio, where it calculates your movements inside the 3D model in real time. The calculated image is then displayed in real time on the user's device via video streaming. All of this happens in fractions of a second. As a result, the user controls the 3D computer via the Internet and then sees the 3D model displayed in the best possible graphics on his device. However, since the 3D computer can only process the input of one user at the time, it is necessary to book an appointment before the start of the tour. This also means that the 3D computer can be optimally set up for the input device you are using before your tour.