3D-Tour (Virtuel Reality)

It is not really possible to describe in words or through classic videos how realistic virtual reality actually looks. You can only find out for yourself by taking a tour.
However, I would like to briefly describe the course of a tour for a better understanding.
For viewing in virtual reality, I reconstructed the historical locations in a 3D model based on building plans and photos. The virtual tours offered here are the result of my 3D reconstruction of the historic Berlin government district, the Berlin Reich Chancellery and the historic Frankfurt (Oder), which has been going on for more than 20 years. In my atelier you can view the 3D models of these places using VR glasses. The stereoscopic view through the VR glasses puts you directly in the historical place. You see everything as it used to be in the past. But not only the streets, signs, trees, houses and cars, because seeing three-dimensionally also means that in virtual reality, in contrast to looking at a photo, you also perceive the depth of space. In reality, you are in the small Atelier Neubauer. However, in the virtual reality, for instance, you see down the 500 m long Voßstraße in Berlin through the VR glasses or stand in the large hall of the old Frankfurt train station. On the tours you will be guided through the historical places by the voice of a tour guide and you can freely look around at any time. The guide explains everything you are seeing. But sometimes he also tells you in which direction you have to look to see what is being discussed. Within the virtual reality, the discussed objects or components are highlighted to make orientation easier for you. Historical photos are also displayed in some places. This enables you to compare different historical photos with the state of construction that you are currently experiencing in virtual reality.