Fine art is the base of all artistic work of Christoph Neubauer. But the way he presents his artwork to the audience changed drastically over the past 20 years of Neubauer’s work period. At the beginning he painted panel paintings and presented them in exhibitions to the audience. Later Neubauer presented his paintings in his live performance "Disintergaration" together with music and actors on stage of theatres.
With the slide - performance "Barbarossa" Neubauer created smaller panel paintings. This paintings where highly detailed. This made it possible to show them enlarged during the slide - music - performance to the audience. In 1998 he changed partly to the technique of digital painting to use his work exclusively in the performance "Barbarossa".  From 2002 on Christoph Neubauer created 3D computer graphics. His experience in fine arts enabled him to create highly detailed textures for his 3D animations and ensured therefore that they too became a piece of art by itself.

The side "Press" shows some of the press statements regarding Neubauers fine art - exhibitions.