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To project the past into the present, this is what the work of artist Christoph Neubauer is all about. In the 20 Years he has worked so far as an artist, Neubauer created his artwork in many different classical and modern techniques. Starting his career in fine arts Christoph Neubauer then moved to performance art and finally to creating computer generated 3D graphics.
But throughout the time and while working in different techniques Christoph Neubauer never changed the topic of his art work. Projecting the past into the present.

Currently Neubauer is working on remodelling his existing 3D models for the use on stereoscopic headsets as the "Oculus Rift". His goal is to present the Reich Chancellery in a virtual reality environment and to enable the viewer to manoeuvre freely inside the rooms.

More detailed information about this 3D project can be found on www.reichskanzlei-3d.de.