Frankfurt (Oder) "Bolfras - House"

Erkner "Friedrichstraße/ "Seestraße"

Schwedt "City Hall'

Schwedt "Market Square"

Berlin- Köpenick "Villa Hirte"

Fürstenwalde "Schloss Strasse"

Frankfurt (Oder) "ASB-Old -Age-Home"

Frankfurt (Oder) "Solar - House"

Christoph Neubauer is known for his murals with 3D appearance. Being an artist Neubauer creates his own special designs to make every facade on a building appear unique and gives it a third dimension just by painting on it. To achieve this Christoph Neubauer uses his own special techniques to trick the eyes of the viewer.  
People viewing his facades are often fascinated by the constant change off appearance of the wall painting while moving. This effect comes from the distortional perspective lines Neubauer is projecting onto the buildings facades.  
Because Christoph Neubauer studied to become an advertising painter he is able to transfer his artwork onto any sized facade without loss of detail or quality. He is using only long lasting paint with the highest quality which ensures the paintings don't fade in the sun or wash out with time.