For the facade of the apartment building standing in Bahnhofstrasse of the city of Schwedt Christoph Neubauer created a mural showing the historic street of Seilergang which used to be right on this location before the apartment building has been erected on its place.
The building formally blocked the view into the old street with its high facade. Christoph Neubauer painted the historic street view right onto the plain facade of the building. To fill the space and also linking the painting to the past time he painted a Zeppelin into the sky high above the street.  
Christoph Neubauer’s mural is today not existing anymore. In 2012, during a renovation of the building, the owner of the apartment building contracted a painting company to repaint Christoph Neubauer’ smural without informing the artist about it. The new mural is using Neubauer’s design, but has been painted in poor quality and with different paint Neubauer is using for his artwork.

The facade before painting.

The facade after painting.