On Christoph Neubauer’s initiative the "Wohnungswirtschaft Frankfurt (Oder) GmbH" contracted him in 1999 to paint the historic "Bolfrashaus" onto one of their buildings built after the war on the market square of the city. The painting showed the old house which used to stand exactly on this corner in the middle of the historic city center of Frankfurt (Oder). Neubauer wanted to remind the people of Frankfurt of their architectural heritage lost during the second world war. It took Neubauer three months to complete the mural. The whole house has been recreated just by painting onto the post war building now standing on its spot.
A table was put up on the market square with printed on information and historic photographs of the building to give the viewer some background information about the history of the "Bolfrashaus".
Immediately after finishing the facade themural became a tourist attraction for Frankfurt (Oder) and must during the tourist tours led by the city's tourist information.  The painting made the historic house famous and even international. That in 2013 the city of Frankfurt (Oder) was granted a 3,7 Million Euro  funding by the European Union for the reconstruction of the original old house. In 2014 Neubauers mural got demolished to give way for the construction of the new old Bolfrashaus.  

The side "Press" shows some of the press statements regarding this mural.

The facade before painting.

The facade after painting.