For the facade of an external emergency  staircase on a old age home in Frankfurt (Oder) Christoph Neubauer designed a mural of a well known historic building of the city from the post war period.
To give the elderly, living in the old age home, a bit of their old city back Neubauer painted the famous "Schuhaus Dörfel"  onto the facade. The house used to be the sole building in the city centre of Frankfurt (Oder) surviving the war and is therefore well remembered by the older people of the city. Because there’s no photograph which survived the war showing the corner of the building, Christoph Neubauer recreated the entire building first in a 3D Model. He used this model then created the correct perspective of the corner view of the building for this mural. The 3D model Neubauer used to produce a short documentary film about this building and handed the film to the old age home.

The facade before painting.

The facade after painting.