3D-Project "Das Kleist -House"

3D-Project "Führerbunker"

3D-Project "Reich's Chancellery"

3D-Projekt "Die Voßstraße"

3D-Project " Wilhelmplatz"

Since 2001 Christoph Neubauer also works as a 3D artist. In the focus of his work stands the reconstruction of architecture destroyed during the second world war. While doing this Neubauer tries to be as historically correct as possible. But at the same time he wants his architectural reconstructions to be its own piece of art.
His intensive studies of the construction history of the Berlin Reich Chancellery made Christoph Neubauer over the years to a international well recognised expert regarding the architecture of the headquarter of the Prussia and the German Reich.
More detailed information about this 3D project can be found on www.reichskanzlei-3d.de.